All About Lazy Lunches & Breakfast Nests

Two new things I have introduced in the blog are what I call Lazy Lunches and Breakfast Nests. Here’s what they are:

Lazy Lunches:

Lazy Lunches are quick, easy and healthy meals (often low carb) that are leftovers transformed by a few new and fresh ingredients. They’re meant to be inspiration to play with what you’ve already got at home and are simply a great way to avoid wasting any delicious preparations and ingredients in your fridge. Some are perfect take-a-longs for work and school lunches, while others are convenient at-home meal ideas.

Breakfast Nest:

Breakfast Nests are healthy, low carb meals that are basically breakfast ingredients served on top of raw, fresh greens (the “nest”). The greens can be naked or dressed and may consist of any variety, including spring mixes, butter lettuce, arugula, shredded cabbage and beyond. The breakfast toppings always include eggs, often feature meat and sometimes incorporate sauteed vegetables. Nests are a great alternative to lunch and dinner veggies, like green beans and brussels sprouts, and are a scrumptious and health-conscious way to start the day!


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