Lazy Lunches: Low Carb Chicken, Bacon & Egg Club Wrap!

Lazy Lunches: The Low Carb Chicken, Bacon & Egg Club Wrap!

Lazy Lunches: The Low Carb Chicken, Bacon & Egg Club Wrap!

This healthy, protein rich wrap is the result of my mad hankering for a sandwich, totally unrelated leftovers in my fridge and a few fresh ingredients to top it all off. Energy-packed and texture-perfect with crispy bacon and crunchy cucumber, this is one seriously amazing lunch.

Leftover: Shredded chicken and egg salad. The shredded chicken was simply a breast boiled for about an hour in seasoned water and then shredded with a fork. The egg salad had olive oil mayo, classic yellow mustard, dill pickle relish, diced white onion, garlic powder, smoked paprika, dill, salt and pepper.

Lazy Lunch: On a low carb Mission brand wrap, I layered spring mix salad greens, shredded chicken, egg salad, crispy bacon strips, avocado slices, chopped English cucumber and a dusting of freshly ground pepper on top.

This tasty Lazy Lunches addition only took about ten minutes to put together. One word of caution: There are a lot of filling ingredients, so only use small amounts of each to avoid stuffing yourself silly!

Also, like most wraps and sandwiches, this would be great as a salad for anyone wanting to shave off even more carbs. Skipping the wrap saves six grams of carbs, and with the bacon crumbled, the fillings would be absolutely wonderful over a large bed of spring mix or lettuce with low carb dressing or a few dashes of vinegar and oil.


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