Winter to Spring: A Few of My Favorite Things!

It’s still winter, but the Seattle weather keeps teasing me with sporadic warm, sunny days. It’s made my anticipation for spring go through the roof! This time of year is laid-back and beautiful, but the winter-to-spring transition makes it challenging to stay seasonally on point. On my grocery list, should I plan a warm or cold salad for next week’s menu? Should I burn spice or floral scent candles? Also, where the heck am I going to put all my capris, tees and flip flops when I still need my space-stealing coats and boots in my closet? In the midst of my dilemmas, I found relief with a few amazing little things that bridge the winter-spring divide.

All winter I fended off dry, cracked skin by slathering on rich body butters (Especially on my hands, feet and elbows!). My favorite is Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter (Thanks, Mom!), which smells practically good enough to eat. But as the harsh, cold air clears, I am beginning to look to more lightweight moisturizers with fresh, uplifting scents.

My absolute favorite for this time of year is Bath & Body Works body lotion in the scent, Beautiful Day. The fragrance is crisp apple with light floral notes. It’s a perfect match for those warm, sunny days, and mood-boosting on the cool rainy ones. Plus, apple is a versatile fruity scent element in both summer and winter fragrances (unlike for example, watermelon, which is exclusively for summer). It’s only February, but I know I’ll be wearing the Beautiful Day lotion and perfume through the upcoming season.

My Favorite for Winter-to-Spring: Beautiful Day Body Lotion by Bath & Body Works

My Favorite for Winter-to-Spring: Beautiful Day Body Lotion by Bath & Body Works


During this winter-to-spring transition, it can be tricky to pick a season-appropriate nail color too. Corals, yellows and brighter pinks feel too summery, while deep reds and golds are reminiscent of the winter holidays and Valentine’s Day. Neutral pinks and nudes are beautiful year-round, but repeating them too much gets boring.

I especially love purples for this time of year, which range from light, pinkish lavenders to daring royal hues. While perusing the latest releases from my favorite go-to polish line, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure, I found the most gorgeous color for winter through spring: a deep jammy wine color called Ruby Do.

My Favorite Winter-to-Spring Nail Color: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Ruby Do

Wine tone nail polishes are trending right now, but honestly, it would be perfect even if they weren’t! This color is extremely versatile, appearing as deep fuchsia in sunlight and dark cool-toned red when the lights dim at happy hour. It coordinates well with nearly every color possible in a wardrobe too, from dark winter jewel shades to pastel floral prints.

My final favorite is red hair dye! I love keeping my natural, darkest espresso brown color in autumn and winter, and switching to warm, medium brown (maybe even with highlights) in summer. But from February through May, I can’t resist going ginger. It’s so fun and makes me feel like I’m part of the vibrant colors of the season. Plus, it’s so complimented by the jewel tone and floral trends. Whether you go with strawberry blonde or cherry cola, red hair is irrisistibly harmonious during the colorful late winter and spring months.

My Favorite Late Winter & Spring Hair Color: Red!

My Favorite Late Winter & Spring Hair Color: Red!

There you have it: my favorite things for staying beautiful in the stretch between winter and spring!



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