Finally! Life Changing Low Carb Tortillas by Mission

When I entered my teens in the late 90s I was very overweight, and it never occurred to me that being a bread junkie had anything to do with it! I grew up in a time when the low fat diet reigned supreme in the world of weight loss. Red meat had a horrible reputation and juicers were all the rage. The newly emerging Atkins method was just a wild new fad diet in my inner circles, and carbs and fiber weren’t what I looked at on nutrition labels.

Like many who dieted in the 90s, I cut and monitored calories and fat grams. On any given day, I may have had eggs on low calorie toast for breakfast, a chicken caesar wrap for lunch, and a bowl of whole wheat pasta with veggies, chicken and marinara sauce for dinner. I should have named it the “Chicken and Carbs Diet”!

Nowadays, I cringe thinking of how carb-clueless I was! Beef is higher in calories, so I felt good about opting for grilled chicken on a bun rather than a cheeseburger. Little did I know, what was between the buns didn’t matter too much. It was the buns themselves inhibiting my weight loss! If only I knew then what I do now.

Times have certainly changed. But as much as I recognize the health and weight loss benefits of cutting carbs, I can’t help but yearn for some of the foods I used to eat: Wraps, tacos, burgers, salads in a shell and sandwiches. OMG, I could write an entire blog on all my delicious sandwich recipes alone! I love the results I’ve achieved, but putting everything in a lettuce cup or wrap can be a boring, daunting struggle.

Luckily, I discovered the next best thing to sandwich bread and high carb wraps, tortillas and taco shells: Mission Carb Balance Tortillas!

Mission Carb Balance Tortillas for Low Carb Meals

Mission Carb Balance Tortillas for Low Carb Meals

I cannot recommend these enough. Ranging from 3 to 6 net carbs per tortilla, they have really helped me stick to my low carb plan by ending the off-limits status of so many of my favorite foods. I’ve used them for breakfast burritos, meat and veggie quesadillas, french dip “sandwiches,” salad wrap-ups and so much more. They can even be baked into the shapes of crunchy taco and taco salad shells.

Like all processed foods, I eat them in moderation and still put some of my fillings in or on lettuce instead. I’ve tried some of the low carb wraps on the market, and all of them have a dry, dense texture and taste like cardboard to me. These babies are soft and tasty just like regular tortillas and wraps, and an essential staple on my low carb menu.


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