A Beautiful Day for Southern BBQ… Meatballs!

I’ve been seriously cutting carbs all week, and due to all the new and delicious recipes I’ve tried, I don’t miss high carb foods a single bit! The last time I did this – last January or so – I went through some serious carb withdrawals. By the end of the first week, the thought of a fresh-baked, buttered hunk of crusty bread made me go week at the knees. It was my first try at the low carb lifestyle, and I had nowhere near the resources I do now. Since then, I’ve discovered new ingredients, and new ways to prepare ingredients I already loved. I also added a lot more fabulous recipes to my repertoire, and have discovered some amazingly helpful blogs with inventive and super tasty low carb recipes.

By now, it’s no secret that IBreathImHungry.com is one of my favorites. Earlier in the week, I made Mellissa’s low carb Avgolemeno soup, and today, I whipped up a batch of her succulent Carolina Barbecue Meatballs and served them over a bed of fresh, crunchy coleslaw. I followed her recipe exactly, and they were incredible! My hubby has requested them again – and I’m beyond happy to oblige.

Low Carb Southern BBQ Meatballs and Fresh Coleslaw

Low Carb Southern BBQ Meatballs and Fresh Coleslaw



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