My New Years 2014 Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for 2014!

I have thought about my goals for next year more than I have for any pending New Year’s. Exciting things are coming my way in 2014, and I want to be ready! I don’t want to give away too much (just yet), but I will reveal that most of my resolutions are tied to upcoming events.

1: Take better care of myself than ever.
My habits are pretty healthy already, but I’m going to make my physical health my main priority next year. With a few small diet changes, more supplements and a few trips to the doc, I’ll be on top of this one! (Stay tuned for a lot of healthy food pics and recipes!).

2: Get more organized.
We’ll be moving again in summer 2014, and I desperately want it to be easy-peasy! I also want my current house to be guest-ready all the time. It’s a tall order for someone with ADD like me; but we have a beautiful home and beautiful things, and I want to always enjoy them to their clutter-free fullest. I’ll have to devise a system for this one!

3: Reduce and release my stress through new found balance.
This is the big one! I’ve already started but want to keep making progress next year. Stress is poison for the body and mind; and I’m focused on avoiding the unnecessary kind and handling the rest healthfully. I thoroughly moved on from toxic relationships of the past some time ago, but want to continue broadening my comfort zone and developing my boundaries and goals in work, self expectations and relationships. I’ve already gained a huge confidence boost and am looking forward to the next level of low-stress happiness and fulfillment 🙂

I have a couple really major goals in mind for 2014, but am going to keep my lips sealed for now. You’ll have to wait and see what happens! Happy New Year, everyone!


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